If you are an Arts Co-ordinater in school, but have no contact with outside artists or inspiration for lessons - Please get in touch, we can help you.

If you are a teacher who loves art and wants to extend your children's art experience consider organising an arts week through us.

We have experienced: Printmakers, Art historians, Textile designers, Weavers, Sculptors, Puppet/theater and stage designers, Potters, Curators and many others.

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Inset Training dates (£75 per delegate inc lunch & resource pack: Max. 15 delegates)

  • 23rd February '09 - 3D techniques, Primary
  • 9th March '09 - Sculpture Inset, Primary
  • 30th March '09- Sketchbooking, Primary
  • 8th June '09 - Artsmark, art history & classroom management
  • 22nd June '09 - Cross Curricular art
  • Business team building - by request

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


All years bar one were involved with Loveart projects throughout w.b 10th July at Portswood Primary's Artsweek.

It was exciting to work with the children in their environmental area. Inspired by their surroundings they created a huge flower garden collage made up of 360 prints. The work was then displayed in an exhibition alongside other school arts projects that the children undertook during the week.

Thanks to the Arts co-ordinator, management team and all staff for making Loveart feel so welcome!

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