If you are an Arts Co-ordinater in school, but have no contact with outside artists or inspiration for lessons - Please get in touch, we can help you.

If you are a teacher who loves art and wants to extend your children's art experience consider organising an arts week through us.

We have experienced: Printmakers, Art historians, Textile designers, Weavers, Sculptors, Puppet/theater and stage designers, Potters, Curators and many others.

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Inset Training dates (£75 per delegate inc lunch & resource pack: Max. 15 delegates)

  • 23rd February '09 - 3D techniques, Primary
  • 9th March '09 - Sculpture Inset, Primary
  • 30th March '09- Sketchbooking, Primary
  • 8th June '09 - Artsmark, art history & classroom management
  • 22nd June '09 - Cross Curricular art
  • Business team building - by request

Monday, October 09, 2006

Art training day - Primary education

Today 7 more teachers became a little more confident about teaching Art in primary education!!

Due to the sucess of these inset days held once a month, we have decided to develop extra programmes based on very helpful feedback.

Ideas for inclusion on future traning days:
- Skills based workshops: A day specifically based around practical ideas for you to take back to the classroom. To include: Sculpture, working with wire/willow, printing, drawing and collage.

Comments on todays activities:
" An excellent day, the tour was very intereseting and the practical workshop was great."
" The tour was the best bit.... do you have a list of Artists we could use in schools?"
" The day covered everything I was hoping it would and I really enjoyed the tour, I feel much more confident about bringing the children back now - Thank You!"

If you have any further queries or suggestions on what would be useful to include in training please post a comment below or get in touch directly:

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